COVID-19 Guest Health & Safety Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in booking us for your event! 


In order to promote a safer environment for you and your guests in the party truck, the following guidelines will apply until further notice:

  • A maximum of eight (8) guests is permitted inside the game trailer at any given time. This will help limit contact among guests and our team members.


  • During the event, guests will need to perform basic gaming management tasks, such as switching games, enabling/disabling controllers, etc. Our team members will not enter the truck while guests are inside.

    • After completing the initial cleanup and setup, our team members will be available outside of the truck to assist with questions. 

    • If the event is for children ages 10 or under, please ensure an adult is available to perform these tasks.

  • Face Masks will be mandatory for anyone inside the game trailer


  • Event host(s) must sign and submit the COVID-19 liability waiver at least 24 hours before the event. Please sign and submit the waiver (find the link on our website), or send a photo of the signed waiver to


We’re taking additional measures on our side too. Here’s what we’re doing to make our gaming experience as safe as possible for our guests:


  • We deep clean the truck and all equipment before and after every event. Cleaning is part of our standard procedure, but we are going the extra mile by:

    • Applying disinfectant to every accessible surface and game controller

    • Spraying disinfectant inside the trailer

    • Providing hand sanitizer to all gamers

We schedule events at least two hours apart. Deep cleaning takes time, and we want to make sure we have enough time to get it done right before the next event.

If you’re ready to party with us under these guidelines, please proceed to book at! Oh, and don’t forget to send us the signed waiver below.

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